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NewsWoman's hopes of 'becoming billionaire' dashed after gem found in tree stump...

Woman’s hopes of ‘becoming billionaire’ dashed after gem found in tree stump revealed to be ‘worth 3p’

A WOMAN’S hopes of ‘becoming a billionaire‘ were dashed after the gem eher dad found embedded in a tree stump was found to be ‘worth 3p’.

Toni Hopley thought she’d hit the jackpot earlier this month when her dad found what appeared to be a precious stone embedded in a tree stump in the garden.

Hoping that it could be valuable, Toni and her family took the item to the jewellers yesterday to get to the bottom of what the mystery jewel was.

Measured at roughly 8.7mm a legitimate ruby of this size could sell for up to £38,000, according to current market prices.

The object was found in a tree stump by Toni's dad
The object was found in a tree stump by Toni’s dad. (C) Toni Hopley

However Toni’s dreams were slashed when jewellers revealed the piece was in fact costume jewellery – worth just three pence.

Thousands of social media users were left on the edges of their seats as they followed Toni’s adventure to get to the bottom of whether the piece held some value.

Toni shared a series of posts to Facebook earlier this month following her families discovery, writing: “My dad was digging out this old tree stump in our back garden and this thing was embedded into the trunk.

“Does anybody know what it is, and if we’re now billionaires?

“Or should I cancel our helicopter ride to a private yacht with a Chinese banquet and personal cocktail service whilst we travel around the world?”

The gem was almost the width of a line of paper
The gem was almost the width of a line of paper. (C) Toni Hopley

In an update on Monday Toni continued: “We’re taking it to a jewellers on Wednesday, so I’ll report back either from the Bahamas or from the corner or my bedroom whilst crying.”

Toni gave her final update on the mystery gem yesterday, writing: “So from the beautiful, gorgeous, sunny Hawaii, someone is reading this post while I sink a pint at my local Wetherspoons because my gem is worth all of three pence.

“It’s costume jewellery, sorry guys.”

The series of posts has now received over 24,000 likes with more than 10,000 comments.

Social media users were engrossed by the saga and were quick to speculate that the mysterious gem could be an “Edwardian” ring and maybe even a “ruby”.

One person said: “The right stone or ruby can go for silly amounts of money so hold on to it.

“ I would love to know the history behind it but regardless if it’s worth a penny or a nice bit of something, do your research on places to take it to.”

Another wrote: “Please give an update.

“I’m dying to know what it is.

“Along with thousands of other folk that are praying you found a true treasure.

“Don’t leave us hanging.”

One person commented: “Bless you.

“Thanks so much for updating all of us 7,500 nosey b******.

“We are all routing for you and hoping it is a report back from the Bahamas.

“Good luck.”

Another group member wrote: “I need to know the outcome of this.

Toni Hopley
Toni Hopley having a drink after discovering the piece was costume jewellery. (C) Toni Hopley

“Hoping it’s worth a fortune for you.

“Good luck.”

When the bad news was delivered, users were sad and sent their condolences to Toni.

One person replied: “I was so rooting for you.

“Hoping it was ridiculously valuable and you would be in the VIP lounge at the nearest airport going to Barbados as you updated us.

“Thanks for giving us a good story and enjoy Wetherspoons.”

Another said: “I was keeping everything crossed for you too.

“Never mind, the sun is shining and you have a drink in hand.

“Life’s still good, enjoy.”

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