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Thousands of orders from all over the world for Ukrainian tartan – including from Royal Family members

A SCOTS fashion firm has been inundated with thousands of orders from all over the world after creating a new Ukrainian tartan.

Great Scot designed the ‘Ukraine Forever’ tartan earlier this month using colours of the Scottish and Ukrainian flags to highlight Scotland’s solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

The company, based in Keith, Moray, has now revealed their unique tartan has been an instant hit right across the globe as thousands show their support for Ukraine.

Customers from Japan, USA, Australia and across Europe have been ordering the tartan to be made into kilts, curtains and even wedding dresses.

The production process has started with the tartan being woven on looms all over Scotland and expected to reach customers in the coming months.

Margo Page, managing director of Great Scot, revealed today they have received orders from A-list celebrities, UK politicians – and even members of the Royal Family.

Although the 53-year-old is keeping tight-lipped about who the notable buyers are, she did say the tartan will be worn by celebrities at movie premieres in the near future.

The company will also be sending scarfs to charity Dnipro Kids for the orphans that were rescued from the war-torn country and brought to Scotland.

However, in a reaction that Margo is most proud of, the poignant Highland tribute has apparently not went down well with Putin supporters.

Speaking today, Margo said: “We have been contacted by high-profile movie stars and politicians seeking kilts for movie premiers or to wear on the floor of the House of Commons.

“We have quite a few famous and royal clients and it’s a bit of a rule that we don’t advertise them.

“I can say though that upcoming movie premiers will feature more than one or two A-Listers in Ukraine Forever tartan kilts.

“Also, I can say that younger royals are particularly enthusiastic about it.

“High-profile politicians and ambassadors in the UK, Europe, and America are buying for their staff too.

“Looms up and down the country are red hot with the Ukraine Forever tartan.

“We have had some really interesting communications too; Dnipro Kids, who have brought 52 Ukrainian orphans to Scotland, told us today that the Ukraine Forever tartan has been a source of pride and a symbol of welcome for the children.

Ukrainian tartan
The company has been inundated with orders since their initial advertisement.

“We are sending them the first 50 scarves as they become available.
“I was personally quite emotional after speaking to a young Scottish doctor who was heading to Ukraine.

“He wanted to frame a piece of the tartan and carry it with him to show his patients via the existence of such a tartan, the strength of the alliance with Ukraine.”

Margo added: “I think I’m most proud though that it has been noticed and roundly attacked by Russian state media.

“That absolutely made it all worthwhile.

“To have irritated Putin is a source of personal pride and a clear sign, if ever it was needed, that Ukraine Forever tartan has sent a powerful message from the Scottish highlands to Moscow.

“Orders for the tartan range from little swatches to kilts, curtains, and wedding dresses.

“They are coming from places like Japan, Croatia, California, Stockholm, Australia.

“Tartan really has the power to communicate hope, defiance, brotherhood.

“The orders are in the thousands.

“Customers [have been] suggesting additional items that we don’t usually have in our collection such as puppy apparel and flags.

“Of course, we’ll make them, but I had to draw the line at lederhosen.”

All profits from the tartan are set to go straight to charities helping those affected by the war in Ukraine.

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