Tuesday, July 5, 2022
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Evri customer fuming after courier filmed opening door and kicking parcel inside

AN EVRI customer was left fuming after CCTV captured a brazen delivery driver opening her front door and kicking a parcel inside.

Mabel-Rose Hart was shocked to watch the courier from the company, formerly known as Hermes, shamelessly kick her new parcel into her home in south east London last week.

CCTV footage shows the Evri driver holding onto the 25-year-old’s door handle and opening the door without waiting for Mabel-Rose to answer.

She then fumbles around with the parcel and drops it to the floor before giving it two swift kicks to knock it inside.

After grabbing a quick picture of the delivered item, the driver, who is wearing a yellow high-vis waistcoat, bizarrely waits until after she has closed the door to ring the doorbell.

She then saunters back down the path before the clip comes to an end.

Ward administrator Mabel-Rose claims that she has spotted the same courier throwing her parcels in the past.

She shared the video clip to Twitter last week, writing: “I wonder when Hermes will stop delivering parcels like this?”

Social media users were quick to slam the courier service in their replies.

One said: “They deliver Evri parcels like that, then try to change their name to cover it up.”

Another said: “Try not to screw this up and actually deliver it to the right address this time.

Evri driver drops parcel before kicking it
The driver waited until the parcel was inside the porch to ring the doorbell.

“Your delivery cowboys in Bristol couldn’t find a fart in a phone box let alone my address.

“Whatever you call yourselves makes no difference to the quality of service you provide.”

A third added: “They don’t even deliver parcels. My parcel was kept in their distribution centre for a week.

“Then the seller sent me a new replacement and @Hermesparcels never responded to me.

“They are pathetic, changing names doesn’t improve pathetic service.”

Speaking today, Mabel-Rose said: “The same lady normally throws my parcels but this time she dropped it then kicked it inside the porch.

“I was shocked but not surprised because she always throws it.”

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