Wednesday, August 17, 2022
NewsEasyJet customers allegedly locked in sweltering tunnel without water

EasyJet customers allegedly locked in sweltering tunnel without water

EASYJET has been slammed after hundreds of passengers were allegedly locked in an airport corridor in sweltering heat without water or access to toilets.

Holidaymakers said they tried to force their way out of the tunnel at Pisa International Airport in Italy yesterday due to the lack of ventilation.

Passengers waiting to board their flight to Manchester were allegedly kept in the stuffy corridor for almost an hour as temperatures reached 30ºC outside.

It is also claimed that the heat caused some of the waiting passengers to faint as there was no access to water, food or toilets.

Joe Rylance, 83, in the sweltering corridor.

Mothers were said to have had no option but to strip their babies down to their nappies to stop them from overheating.

After multiple delays to their flight, easyJet customers were released from the area and told their flight had been cancelled.

Passengers ended up waiting around at the airport for around sight hours and claimed they had to fend for themselves to book hotels and taxis.

The long day took its toll on RAF veteran Joe Rylance, 83 , from Bangor, North Wales, who struggled to sit on the hard airport floors.

His son, Neil Rylance, 52, CEO and founder of a software company, said that his group of eight will now be stuck in Pisa for two extra days.

He estimates that the disruption caused by the experience and cancellation will cost the family more than £2,000.

Speaking today from Pisa, Neil said: “It was chaos. There were three easyJet flights all thrown together with nobody organising where we meant to be going.

“Every single person who was meant to be on the Manchester flight was locked in this corridor – locked at both ends.

“Within 10 minutes it was getting hotter and hotter and hotter.

“There were babies that were stripped off because they were absolutely sweating and there was no air.

“We tried to kick down a fire exit just to get some air for people.

Easyjet customers seemingly trapped in the corridor.

“There was no representative from easyJet seen in the whole of this experience.

“My dad just wants to get home. It’s taken a lot out of him, which is really upsetting.

“My daughter is a care worker, my partner is a police officer and we were meant to be out here relaxing after years of not having a holiday. Now we’re all so stressed.”

Neil added: “Communication is so important, but there was absolutely none of it.

“I just wish they talked to us, let us know what was going on. We still have no idea what happened.”

A video captured by Neil shows passengers attempting to force their way out of the fire exit.

Other passengers took to social media yesterday whilst stuck at the airport to vent their frustrations at the airline.

Natalie Yates said: “We’ve been delayed already and now ushered into the boarding tunnel with no food, water or toilets and people are fainting and overheating.

“No communication, and no way out. Send help.”

While another traveller wrote: “HELP! Bloody madness at gate 22 at #Pisa airport.

“11:30 flight to Manchester delayed; passengers hot; no water, no toilets; no security and airside open to us all.”

Martin Brady today said: “Absolute sh*tshow from @easyJet at Pisa airport yesterday.

“Eight hours in the airport to be told it’s cancelled, after being held in a tunnel without access to food and drink. Madness!”

Airports across the UK have been hit with a raft of delays, leaving thousands of passengers out of pocket.

Travellers at Bristol Airport were said to have been left in tears on Saturday (JUN 18) after their TUI flight to Paphos, Greece was delayed by more than 20 hours.

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