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Court & CrimeShocking video sees man assault old woman before attempting to kidnap her...

Shocking video sees man assault old woman before attempting to kidnap her granddaughter – on their own doorstep

A SHOCKING video shows a man assault an old woman before attempting to kidnap her granddaughter right on their doorstep in broad daylight.

The 73-year-old woman and her young granddaughter were attacked whilst entering the former’s home in Bordeaux, France yesterday (MON) at around 5:30pm.

The OAP was knocked to the ground by an unnamed homeless man who then tried to drag her granddaughter away – although she managed to escape.

Shocking footage captured by the grandmother’s Nest doorbell camera shows the two about to enter the front door of the house, as a man can be seen lingering by the roadside nearby.

Homeless man attacks 73-year-old woman and tries to abduct her granddaughter in Bordeaux, France, on 19th June.
The suspect fled after the apparent kidnapping attempt and was later arrested.

As the pair walk inside, the man rushes towards the front door and jams his foot in to stop it from closing.

He then forces his way in, before barrelling back out and violently throwing both of his victims to the pavement.

He then bends down and yanks the little girl – who is now in tears – up to her feet, pushing her away from her grandmother in an apparent attempt to abduct her.

But, as he stops to pick something up off the ground, the child quickly runs back to her grandparent and the man hastily flees the scene as the family’s pet Labrador emerges from inside.

The footage was shared to social media by French far-right politician Eric Zemmour with the caption: “How awful. Bordeaux today. This is what they have done to our country. French, wake up.”

The video gained over 1.6 million views and more than 19,000 likes, with thousands of outraged users condemning the act.

One user said: “I hope this despicable man is brought to justice. Tired of this insecurity. It’s easy to attack a person of that age.”

Another wrote: “We can’t wait around for city hall, we have to organise a neighborhood watch. So shocking to see this two blocks from your home.”

A third commented: “We live in a crazy world. There are no more values and respect. Everyone does what they want. We absolutely need tougher justice.”

Another replied: “Horrible. He was drugged and out of control. Madness. My God.”

The suspect, an unnamed French national born in 1993 was later identified by police and arrested, according to Etienne Guyot, Prefect of Gironde.

According to sources familiar with the case, the suspect is reportedly a homeless individual, known to frequent a park in Bordeaux.

The man is allegedly well-known to the police with approximately 20 prior convictions including theft, assault, possession of weapons and drug trafficking.

The suspect reportedly remains in custody.

Speaking today Prefect Guyot said: “The police quickly made an arrest and placed the suspect in custody based on video footage and statements from a witness.

“I denounce this intolerable act and hope that the truth will be revealed as soon as possible.”

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