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PREVIEW – StoneCrabs Theatre Company- Utter Mess!

Experience Utter Mess! from 5th August at Greenside at Infirmary Street – Ivy Studio.

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IN OUR latest news from the Edinburgh Fringe is Utter Mess!, from StoneCrabs Theatre Company, which sees artists mixing kyogen and contemporary clowning

It ends up in Tokyo’s Museum of Lost Things – a curious place where nothing is remembered forever. 

The artists can’t tell what’s what, they can only perform it – so they take pictures, shoot reels, create stories, and plaster their daily routines all over social media.

The new reality is chaotic and they are now in a place of magic, where it tends to go wrong – sounds like an utter mess, indeed. 

Utter Mess! is an international collaboration of UK, Latin-American, Japanese and Portuguese theatre-makers.

In our latest Edinburgh Fringe news comes the preview of Utter Mess! by Stone Crabs Theatre.
Utter Mess! is a collaboration of several international artists. (C) Mami, Stone Crabs Theatre Company

The show was created by the director of StoneCrabs Theatre, Franko Figueiredo.

Established Fringe performers Inês Sampaio and Etsuko Shirasaka join together to create an utter mess on stage, inspired by the short stories of Kyoko Nakajima. 

The show explores what we remember and what we forget, and how blending different cultures and forms can connect people. 

According to Franko, if we “shared a common space with other cultures, if we danced, sang, shared each other’s stories, we would be so busy enjoying each other’s company, that we could end all conflict”. 

The show’s dialogue is mainly in English with some Japanese, and the production is highly physical. 

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