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EntertainmentPREVIEW - Highwire Entertainment -Rouge

PREVIEW – Highwire Entertainment -Rouge

Don’t miss Rouge at the Fringe from 4th August at Assembly Hall, Main Hall.

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ROUGE, the Australian circus fusion of acrobatics, cabaret and burlesque, is heading back to the Fringe – bursting with erotic fun. 

Described as a circus for grownups, Rouge is a sexy, subversive and skilful celebration. 

It is probably the only show where audiences can witness the antics of three dancing unicorns and a dominatrix, along with sensational circus acrobatics, operatic cabaret and tongue-in-cheek burlesque. 

The Daily Mail calls it “one badass sizzler of a show”. 

It is clear to see Rouge loves to break conventions – and in doing so has won awards and international critical acclaim all around. 

Rouge is a variety of circus acrobatics, cabaret and burlesque all in one show.
Rouge is a variety of circus acrobatics, cabaret and burlesque all in one show. (C) Highwire Entertainment

Rouge was named Best Circus & Physical Theatre Show at Adelaide Fringe 2020, among other accolades. 

The Australian circus for grownups is presented by the Highwire Entertainment production house. 

The show’s director Elena Kirschbaum says that “right now audiences are in search of something fun and somewhere to unwind. That’s Rouge in a nutshell”. 

The Circus Diaries describes Rouge as “a show that welcomes in all kinds of sex and love, embraces it, then gives it a big sexy kiss on the cheek”. 

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